Summer Camp FAQ

  1. How long are the sessions?

    Sessions run Sunday through Saturday. Registration begins each Sunday at 4:00PM and Pick-up is Saturday 9:00AM.

  2. What should my child bring to camp?

    Things to bring: Twin-sized sheets or sleeping bag, laundry bag, shorts (modest), t-shirts, pajamas, bathing suits (modest one pieces), socks, underwear, shoes (no open-toed, backless or sandals), rain poncho or jacket, jeans (mandatory for horseback riding), toiletries (shampoo, toothbrush, etc), towels and washcloths, insect repellant, sunscreen, and one can of non-menthol shaving cream.

    Optional Items: bible, camera, stationary, envelopes and stamps, and a costume for the dance.

    Please fit all your camper's items in one piece of luggage (duffel, suitcase, or trunk). Clearly label your camper's first and last name on EVERYTHING .

    Things not to bring: Cell phones, iPods or MP3 players, Kindles, iPads, laptops, gaming systems, curling/ flat irons, snack foods, money, knives, fireworks, aerosols, alcohol, non-prescription and illegal drugs.

  3. Are the children segregated by age and gender?

    They are segregated by grade as of Fall of 2018 and then by gender.

    • Primary: 3rd - 4th grade
    • Middler: 5th - 6th grade
    • Jr. High: 7th - 9th grade
    • Sr. High: 10th - 12th grade
    • Horse Camp: 6th - 8th grade

    All Campsites are divided into 8 cabins: 4 boys cabins and 4 girls cabins.

  4. Are the campsites together at any time during the week?

    All three campsites will attend the 3 All Camp Activities. These include a picnic on Monday, all-camp Eucharist on Wednesday and a camp dance on Thursday.

  5. What is the counselor to camper ratio?
    • Primary: 1-4
    • Middler: 1-5
    • Jr. High: 1-5
    • Sr. High: 1-8
  6. Do you accept handicapped children?

    Rules for acceptance and participation are the same for everyone without regard to sex, disability, political belief, race or religion. Camp Allen does strive to provide a positive camp experience for children with various needs whenever possible. However, Camp Allen does not provide programs that are rehabilitative or therapeutic in nature, and does not specialize in serving children with special needs, including children with severe emotional, social or behavioral difficulties. Please feel free to call our Summer Camp Director to determine if Camp Allen is a "good fit" for your child's needs.

    BASIC FUNCTIONS of a Successful Camp Allen Camper

    • Campers must be able to walk at least a 1/4 mile at a time in hot weather and on sandy, rocky and sometime hilly terrain.
    • Campers must be able to take care of their basic hygiene needs: using the bathroom, brushing teeth, showering, etc.
    • Campers must be able to feed themselves.
    • Campers must be able to live in a community living atmosphere with at least 8 other campers in a cooperative manner for a 6-day period.
    • Campers must be able to follow the rules and expectations on the Camper Covenant.
  7. What are the safety precautions that the camp takes with water safety, particularly in the lake?

    Sr. Staff consists of 24 college students who are Red Cross certified in pool and waterfront lifeguarding. They each receive CPR and AED training as a part of that certification. Each water element is closely supervised by members of this staff. Campers are required to wear lifejackets at all times during waterfront activities.

  8. What if my child can't swim?

    A group swim test is given at each initial water activity. If a child is unable to complete the swim test or chooses not to, they will be supervised, at all times, in the part of the pool most appropriate for their skill level.

  9. Is the Camp Accredited?

    Camp Allen is licensed by the State of Texas and is a member of the Association of Episcopal Camps.

  10. What training do the Counselor's have?

    Summer Camp Counselors attend an intense weekend training where they are trained by experienced staffers and directors. They are also required to take the Diocese of Texas and State-approved child-abuse prevention class, Safeguarding God's Children.

  11. Who leads the weekly sessions?

    Sessions are led by clergy, youth ministers or lay adults who are leaders in our churches and have undergone child-abuse prevention training and background checks in both criminal and sexual abuse databases. All summer staff, both paid and volunteer, are thoroughly screened.

  12. Do all campers have to be Episcopalian?

    No, less than half of all campers are Episcopalian. Camp Allen joyfully encourages all campers, regardless of religious beliefs or church background to enroll in summer camp. We are a Christian camp and reinforce sound biblical theology in our program time. We want to share the love of Jesus Christ with all campers.

  13. Where can I get an application?

    Apply online at:

  14. What is the fee?

    Tuition is $651 per week. That rate includes three meals a day, housing, daily canteen, and all the awesome activities Camp Allen offers.