Camp Games

Camp Allen was founded through a gift from Rosa Lynn Allen to the Diocese of Texas in 1921 by dedicating her Galveston Bay home to start a summer camp program. A training conference for leaders was held there, and from the outset was called Camp Allen. Mrs. Allen gave Bishop Quin the money necessary to begin building a campsite below Baytown on Trinity Bay. The new camp was dedicated in 1928 and carried her name, Camp Allen, which was inspired by Mrs. Allen's loving interest. This site was sold and the camp moved to Grimes County, near Navasota, in 1967. Today the camp has over 1100 acres, and three campsites serving youth from all over the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a unique environment for young people to experience God, establish valuable relationships within the camping community and grow through a variety of creative, safe, and challenging opportunities. Each session is led by a priest, youth minister or experienced adult dedicated to enriching the lives of young people. These Session Directors are assisted by paid and volunteer staff, all of whom share a caring and hospitable attitude.