Challenge Course


The challenge course at Camp Allen is a set of physical elements that provide a problem solving challenge to a group of individuals. Each program consists of activities that promote and enhance positive interaction between the members of the group. At Camp Allen, we have a low elements course, which focuses on group development and positive interaction. We also have a high elements course that also focuses on group development, as well as personal growth. Facilitators who have been specifically trained for these activities run all courses.

For more information on the Discovery Program or group development challenge experiences, contact Candy Moore, Director, at (936) 825-7175 or email her at .


Low Elements

All aboard
Trolley or Skis
Mohawk traverse
Swinging log
Wild woozy
Trust fall
14 foot wall
Spider web
Nitro crossing
High beam

High Elements

Climbing wall
2 line bridge
Incline log(s)
Zip line
Power pole
High Wild Woozie
Giant Swing

Adventure Summit


This high course is our newest addition to our challenge course. It consist of a circuit of 10 elements at a height of 40 feet. This is meant to challenge an individual physically and mentally. Finish your experience with a 485 foot zip line. Safety and ease-of-use of this course are highlighted by this course’s utilization of the latest Swiss-made Safe-Roller technology, allowing seamless transfers between elements. The Adventure Summit can accommodate up to 25 people actively engaged in the course at the same time. Adventure Summit Elements:

Lazy two-line
Islands in the Sky
Burma Cargo Bridge
Raiders’ Bridge
Painters’ Blanks
Swinging Log
Stump Hops
Swinging Steps