Camp Allen Sponsored Events Listing

This calendar only contains events that are sponsored by Camp Allen or the Episcopal Diocese of Texas. Individual organizations are not listed unless Camp Allen is facilitating their event registration online.

September 2017

September 01-03 Service Weekend - We have created a package to families who want to serve those affected by Hurricane Harvey. Package includes room and meals as well as organized service opportunities. Come serve with us!
September 01-09 Evacuation Guests - Camp Allen will be able to house up to 60 displaced people in our hotel beginning this Friday Sept. 1 through next Friday Sept. 8th. Space is limited due to upcoming contractual agreements and rooms will require reservations. There will be no charge for these rooms and we will provide meals. These displaced families will be able to participate in our Labor Day Family Camp activities (Sept 1-3) which we hope will provide some much needed comfort during this trying time. If you know of a family needing a place to stay, please email 
September 01-03 Labor Day Family Camp - Join us for the a family-fiesta like no other! This all-inclusive weekend offers activities for all ages and is the perfect back-to-school getaway!
September 07 EDOT Church Planters
September 07-08 EDOT First Time In Charge
September 08-09 EDOT Curate Camp – Bishop’s Retreat (w/ spouses)
September 08-10 EDOT Happening
September 08-10 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
September 08-10 EDOT Y E S
September 08-09 Daughters of the King Fall Assembly
September 12-13 EDOT Commission on Hispanic Ministry
September 12 September FAM Tour - Register Online
September 13-15 Camp Allen Needlepoint Retreat - Register Online
September 22-23 Gramps Camp - Register Online

October 2017

October 05-06 EDOT Curate Program
October 06-08 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
October 10-11 EDOT Executive Board - Register Online
October 10 October FAM Tour - Register Online
October 11 EDOT Executive Team Retreat
October 11-12 Diocesan Executive Team and Directors
October 12 Starry Nights & Campfire Lights - Register Online
October 13-14 EDOT ECW Annual Meeting
October 13 EDOT ECW Annual Meeting
October 22-25 EDOT Fall Clergy Conference - Register Online

November 2017

November 02-08 EDOT Church Planters
November 03-05 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
November 03-05 Fishers Weekend - Register Online
November 08-16 EDOT - All Staff Retreat
November 08-10 EDOT Youth Ministers Retreat
November 09-10 EDOT Curate Program
November 09-10 EDOT First Time In Charge
November 14 EDOT Standing Committee
November 14 November FAM Tour - Register Online
November 17-19 EDOT Happening
November 17-19 EDOT Y E S
November 17-19 Brazos Conference 2017 - Register Online
November 22-25 Thanksgiving Celebration - Register Online
November 22-26 Wilcox Family Thanksgiving - Register Online

December 2017

December 01-03 EDOT - Discovery Retreat - Register Online
December 01-03 EDOT Iona School For Ministry
December 01-03 Advent Retreat - Comfort and Joy - Register Online
December 05-06 EDOT Executive Board
December 05-08 Camp Allen Needlepoint Retreat - Register Online
December 06 Holiday Steak Dinner - Register Online
December 08-10 Holiday in the Pines - Register Online
December 12 EDOT Commission on Hispanic Ministry
December 12-13 EDOT Executive Board
December 12 December FAM Tour - Register Online

April 2018

April 09-12 College for Bishops - Project Resource 2.0 - Register Online

July 2018

July 20-22 McKissick Family Reunion - Register Online